Changdan Wu

Changdan grew up in China and graduated from University of the Arts London in 2020 with a Master of arts in Book Arts. Her background in BA visual communication design has impacted on the way she sees the book form. She considers the way of seeing within the book a challenge of our previous understanding of an object or the space within the book. Communicating her art through mixed-media with multimedia: drawing, photography, risograph and video.

The theme of her work is often duality with the content demonstrated in two opposite subjects in a visual way through the book. Reveal and conceal, past and present, front and back, left and right and so on.

Fortunately, owing to the challenge of access to printing methods during lockdown, digital media has become one important part of her art practice, specifically the video. With video she captures the state of movement between the pages of her books, which bring a quality of the presentness of time.

Contact me

- Instagram:  @5chinhui_art

- E-mail: changdan.wu11@outlook.com